Nuestros activos son respetuosos con el entorno a la vez que buscan mostrar la mayor eficacia frente a tus necesidades, incorporando otros nuevos a medida que la investigación dermatológica avanza.   Además las fórmulas son libres parabenos y sulfatos y no contienen elementos derivados de animales. Es decir, sin añadidos innecesarios.

Red Cinchona Extract

Vegetable extract with great antioxidant potential due to its high content of flavonoids, carotenoids and phenols, which gives it the characteristic of protecting against oxidative damage, preventing aging and anti-wrinkle. This extract is very useful for its purifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing, antibacterial and toning properties on the skin. The antioxidant capacity of this compound is greatly enhanced when combined with green tea extract.


  • Antioxidant.
  • Purifying, antibacterial.
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothing.


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