Nuestros activos son respetuosos con el entorno a la vez que buscan mostrar la mayor eficacia frente a tus necesidades, incorporando otros nuevos a medida que la investigación dermatológica avanza.   Además las fórmulas son libres parabenos y sulfatos y no contienen elementos derivados de animales. Es decir, sin añadidos innecesarios.

Tartaric Acid

This AHA is obtained from grapes. Like other acids in this family, it increases cell renewal and promotes keratolysis, thus improving skin texture. In addition, tartaric acid has astringent, antioxidant and moisturizing effects, so it can help prevent the effects of aging and lightens the skin, fading spots such as those caused by the sun. It is also widely used to balance the pH.


  • Moisturizing.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Prevention of aging.
  • Cell renewal and keratolysis.
  • Reduction of blemishes.



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