Nuestros activos son respetuosos con el entorno a la vez que buscan mostrar la mayor eficacia frente a tus necesidades, incorporando otros nuevos a medida que la investigación dermatológica avanza.   Además las fórmulas son libres parabenos y sulfatos y no contienen elementos derivados de animales. Es decir, sin añadidos innecesarios.

Glycolic Acid

This AHA is obtained from sugar cane. Its small molecular weight means that it can penetrate the skin more quickly, making it more effective, although it is also the reason why it can be more irritating (it is normal that it can cause a slight stinging the first few times it is applied). It is moisturizing at low doses and, among other functions, it helps to eliminate sun or age spots, acne scars, reduce expression lines and wrinkles… In addition, being an exfoliant, it helps the penetration of other ingredients and improves cell renewal and collagen synthesis, which also contributes to retexturize the skin.


  • Moisturizing at low doses.
  • Exfoliating, promotes cell renewal.
  • Collagen synthesis.
  • Helps reduce blemishes and acne marks, improving uniformity.
  • Improves skin texture, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.



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