What is Uniquely?

Uniquely is a new concept of personalized cosmetics that adapts to the needs of your skin, your environment and your lifestyle.
Environmentally responsible formulas, designed to achieve your goals: to reduce wrinkles, eliminate shine or tone down skin blemishes, without unnecessary frills or additives.
No more, no less.

Is it really a customized fórmula?

Yes, at Uniquely we formulate and manufacture each and every order individually, creating a product exclusively by and for you.

What do we believe in?

  • We believe that every skin is different and needs unique and personalized care
  • We believe in sustainable and environmentally friendly cosmetics, with no animal-derived elements
  • We believe in the value of an honest, responsible and accessible brand
  • We believe that no one knows better than you what your skin needs

Do Uniquely products comply with all European quality and safety regulations?

All our products are manufactured in Spain, with our laboratory having the approval of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products and complying with national and European regulations.

How to buy

How does it work?

Through a diagnosis based on an image and a simple questionnaire we are able to create the formula that best suits you.

  • Tell us about your skin, habits and expectations
  • Take a picture of yourself
  • Check our proposal of ingredients
  • Receive your personalized cream at home

Create your formula

I would like to try the product, can you send me a sample?

We would love you to try a sample of our products, but at Uniquely each formula is designed exclusively for you, so we do not have samples of them, but we design each formulation one by one so that it fits perfectly to the needs that you indicate to us. In addition, we promise to make a new formula if you are not satisfied with it.

Can I buy a cream for someone else?

Of course, all you have to do is to go to Give Uniquely.

  1. You choose the gift: choose between the person receiving an email with a gift code on the day of your choice or, if you prefer, give us their address and we will send them a box with your code.
  2. After receiving the code by the method you prefer, they will start personalizing their formula.
    And as soon as it is ready, we will send it directly to your home.

If I want to buy the same cream, do I have to complete the questionnaire again?

No, you don’t. You can log in to your Personal Area using your email address and password. In the “Orders” section you will find all your previous orders and you will be able to buy them again whenever you need to.

Does Uniquely have a physical shop?

Currently, Uniquely only has an online sales service. You can buy our products and create your personalized formula through the following link.
We also have a personalised attention service which you can contact through our email hello@uniquelyhonestcosmetics.com or WhatsApp.


How do I apply the cream?

  • Apply your cream to a dry face after your cleansing and toning routine
  • Massage gently from the centre outwards to encourage the penetration of the active ingredients, avoiding contact with the eyes and mouth
  • Wait for complete absorption before continuing with your facial routine

When do I apply the cream?

Your cream can be night, day or night and day depending on the preferences you expressed when designing your cream. Depending on this, the formula may include ingredients that are recommended for use at a specific time of day, such as when there is no sun exposure.
If you don’t remember, you can identify it on the label detail, where you will find an icon that indicates whether it is a night, day or night and day cream.

Can I use Uniquely if I am pregnant?

At Uniquely we give you the option of telling us if you are pregnant when you fill in our questionnaire and we take this into account when customising your formula.
This way we can design your cream taking this into account and avoid ingredients that are not recommended for you at this time.
However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you ask your specialist for advice.

Can I use a Uniquely cream if I have any kind of allergy or skin disorder?

If you have any type of allergy or skin alteration, we recommend that you indicate this in the section reserved for this purpose in the questionnaire, and we will not add any ingredients to your formulation that are not compatible with you.
However, we recommend that you consult your specialist for information on the specific treatments to be used.

Can a child use Uniquely?

Although it is possible to use our creams on children over the age of three, we do not recommend the use of our products on children. Our creams contain ingredients with anti-ageing or depigmenting activity that would have no reason to be used on children, and they cannot fully benefit from the concept of personalized cosmetics.

When do the products expire and what is the best way to store them?

You can find the expiry date on the label of your packaging.
We recommend that all products should always be kept at room temperature below 25 degrees and in the shade.


Are the products “Cruelty Free”?

All our products are Cruelty Free because we believe in sustainable and environmentally friendly cosmetics, with no animal-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, they are produced and packaged in Spain, where European law prohibits testing on animals.

Do they contain parabens or sulfates?

Our products are also free of parabens, sulfates and other additives that we consider unnecessary.

Do we formulate products suitable for vegans?

Yes, the ingredients we use are of vegetable or synthetic origin, and in no case of animal origin, so our formulas are suitable for vegans.


Where are Uniquely products manufactured?

At Uniquely we are committed to a philosophy of proximity, which is why all our products are manufactured and packaged in Spain.

Is Uniquely packaging sustainable?

At Uniquely we have a great commitment to caring for the planet, which is why all the material that makes up our packaging has been chosen with the intention of generating the least possible impact on the environment, reducing the use of plastics in favour of glass, which is easier to recycle and/or reuse, and opting for recycled materials such as the one that makes up the box of our 50 ml bottle and the care card.


In which countries is shipping available?

Delivery is currently available in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland and Romania.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our current delivery time is 7 to 10 calendar days in Spain and 10 to 12 calendar days in other countries. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday.

You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your products are on their way and you will be able to track them through this link.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your shipment on the website of our courier service using the delivery code we have sent you or by contacting us via our email hello@uniquelyhonestcosmetics.com.


Can I cancel my order?

To request the cancellation of an order you can write to us at hello@uniquelyhonestcosmetics.com specifying your order number.
We cannot cancel orders that have already been placed, so we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible.

What is our commitment to you if you are not satisfied with your cream?

At Uniquely, we’re committed to making your journey to healthier skin easy and stress-free. That’s why we created our Uniquely Commitment and all the personalized formulas we recommend after our diagnostic test are covered by it.

Uniquely Commitment

At Uniquely we promise to replace your cream at no extra cost if you are not satisfied with it. Our commitment works like this:
  • Try your personalized formula (you will need some time for your skin to adapt to your new skincare routine).
  • If you think something is not working, write to us at hello@uniquelyhonestcosmetics.com specifying your order number and the reasons why the product does not meet your needs.
  • We will advise you, recommend a new formulation and replace it free of charge.

Are you missing something?

If so, please send us any suggestions or comments to our email hello@uniquelyhonestcosmetics.com and you will help us to improve our FAQs section.

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