Cell renewal, the key to youthful skin

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This process takes place naturally in our body, not only in the skin but also in the many organs and systems that give it shape and life. In the case of the skin, it is a process that begins in the dermis, the intermediate layer through which the new cells that are generated move outwards until they reach the epidermis, thus replacing the superficial cells that the skin needs to eliminate. This process takes place every month and is known as the cell renewal or regeneration cycle.

Cell renewal allows the skin to get rid of waste and toxins and generate new collagen and elastin fibres, repairing damage and making our skin look young, healthy, whole and luminous. The most common reasons for the slowing of the cell renewal rate are both intrinsic and extrinsic, affecting not only the passage of time, but also the stress to which our skin is subjected for reasons such as exposure to radiation, wind, pollution or diet. This is reflected in common signs such as the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, a decrease in the brightness and luminosity of the face or extreme dryness, which can be avoided by taking care of the skin properly and from multiple perspectives:

  • Firstly, protecting ourselves from all those factors that affect the rate of cell renewal and leading a healthy lifestyle will optimise the process and help the skin to remain at its best.
  • Although organically our skin already has a renewal cycle, we can improve this rhythm by washing and exfoliating the skin. By doing so, we remove surface cells and stimulate the regeneration and birth of new cells in the dermis.
  • The cell renewal process reaches its maximum rate during the night, which is why we must focus on two aspects: on the one hand, enjoying a good sleep and rest routine so that our skin is in the best conditions to carry out its activity and, on the other, exploring the use of cosmetics that increase the rate of cell regeneration, especially when we carry out our night routine.
  • Accelerating the speed of cell regeneration also improves the penetration of other ingredients, which is why it is always a good idea to do our intensive care before going to bed.

It is essential to understand that proper cell renewal is the fundamental reason why skin is able to stay beautiful, young and healthy and therefore everything we do to promote this process that takes place organically in our skin, will help to keep it in its optimal state. Discover all the ingredients with skin regenerating activity on our website.


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