Factors affecting skin care

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Have you ever related the dehydration of your skin to the number of glasses of water you drink per day? Or have you been told that your diet may be largely responsible for the appearance of many of the pimples that appear on your skin? Perhaps less often, you may also have heard that there is a link between the environment in your town or city and the radiance of your skin, or your sleep and exercise habits, for example. Today we explain why many of these factors are more closely related than you think to whether or not you enjoy the best version of your skin.

  • The environment. Increasingly in the world we live in, we blame pollution (environmental, digital, etc.) for giving our face a dull complexion and lack of radiance. Pollution has the ability to change the state of our skin because it gives rise to what are known as free radicals, which are responsible for oxidation. This is why skin care with antioxidants is an essential aid in maintaining the skin’s radiance.
  • Water. We are tired of hearing that good hydration must be done from the inside and from the outside. Direct hydration of the skin with cosmetic products is just as important as drinking enough water. When we do not comply with either of these two pillars, we can see how the skin of our body becomes dehydrated and, in extreme conditions, even acquires a flaky appearance.
  • Food is the main source of nutrients and therefore, the presence or lack of multiple vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and minerals depends on it. Our skin is a reflection of what we eat, and the impurities that appear on it can also be caused by an unbalanced diet. Taking care of your diet is taking care of your skin.
  • Certain habits, such as sport, help to improve the skin’s circulation, allowing it to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to keep its cells alive and in good condition. In addition, sweating allows the body to get rid of toxins that could accumulate in the form of impurities in our skin.
  • A good rest routine is of great importance for a fundamental reason, cell renewal. If our skin does not get a good night’s rest, the rate of renewal can be disturbed, which will affect the skin’s radiance and youthfulness.

At Uniquely we take all this and much more into account thanks to our sophisticated diagnostic test, in which we take care to find out what your habits and customs are and how we can best care for your skin according to them, as we choose the ingredients that best adapt to, strengthen and cover each of these factors and needs.


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