How many hours do you sleep a day?

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You may find this question strange coming from a cosmetics brand, but if you’ve ever taken our diagnostic test, you’ll be used to us asking you this question. Today we want to explain why it is so important to know our sleep routine, take care of it and optimise rest with our facial care.

You might not know that too little sleep accelerates the signs of ageing and weakens your skin’s ability to repair itself. Our body is prepared so that, during the hours of sleep, our cells work on cleansing and renewing themselves. Therefore, during sleep, we purify our skin of toxins and nourish it by reinforcing its load of structural components such as collagen, which provides elasticity, firmness and density to our skin.

Here are our tips on how to optimise your skin care in relation to your sleep routine:

  • Get enough sleep. The number of hours of sleep is fundamental. The hours that the body and brain rest are hours of cellular work in which we give the body time to regenerate, heal and cleanse itself of toxins.
  • Get quality rest. For the previous point to make sense, it is necessary that the time spent sleeping is of real rest, as stress and states of alertness are obstacles for our body to work normally.
  • Go to sleep with your skin prepared. This is where we come in. When we manage to achieve the above, this is just the finishing touch to get the most out of our rest. Taking advantage of the night routine to include detoxifying, regenerating and cell activating actives is the best favour we can do our skin so that it has the necessary tools to work during our sleeping hours.

If you haven’t yet personalised your night-time routine, it’s time to do so by thinking about getting the most out of your rest. Remember that while you rest, your body is working to bring out the best in you. Click here to customise your night time formula with our diagnostic test.


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