Cosmetics, technology and sustainability.
The real revolution in the cosmetics sector.

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For several years now we have been experiencing a revolution in the historic and well-established skincare sector. The technological and digital explosion that surrounds the world has managed to involve a huge variety of sectors that perhaps would never have thought possible, and cosmetics is no exception.

The rise of sustainable and personalised products has led the industry to make a U-turn in order to find a way to reach the consumer, offering them what they really need and therefore crave. This, in recent times, translates into a product that can take care of your skin with the minimum impact on the planet, bringing you closer to nature from the purest ingredients, making you feel that there really is a deep and precise study when recommending a specific product for your skin, objectives and needs, all adapted to the immediacy demanded by today’s world.

The beginning of this boom came with brands offering complete routines within their product portfolio, tailored to the customer’s goals. The moisturising range for dehydrated skin, the antioxidant range for dull skin… but the revolution is advancing fast and at Uniquely we have already taken several steps forward, taking personalisation further and becoming pioneers of made-to-measure cosmetics in Spain. With an online diagnosis and algorithmic processing of the data it is possible to adjust every single product to the millimetre. The customer answers a form in less than two minutes and Uniquely formulates and manufactures a facial cream made to measure for the user’s skin, which they can enjoy in their hands within a week and which, with the monitoring of the pharmaceutical team, can be reformulated and adapted as their skin requires it.

The integration of technology and cosmetics allows a greater knowledge of the customer, their skin and their needs, as well as meeting the expectations of a public increasingly concerned about the care of their skin and demanding with the quality and attention that brands put into their products and their customers.

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