Let’s talk about facial cleansing

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It is the first step in any serious facial routine and essential for the rest of the products we use to have the right effect. There are many ways and products to carry it out depending on what we want to achieve with it and the characteristics of our skin. Do you know what we are talking about?
That’s right, we’re talking about facial cleansing.
We often tend to forget about it or discard it because it seems unnecessary. But getting into the habit of doing it correctly often only depends on having found the right product.

In general, proper cleansing should take into account both the condition of our skin and our skin lifestyle. It is important to cleanse twice a day. In the morning to remove toxins and natural residues generated by the skin during the night, before skin care and make-up application. In the evening to remove make-up and any pollution products that may have been deposited on the skin. In addition, when applying make-up, it is important to carry out a two-step cleansing process that first removes all traces of make-up and sunscreen and then cleanses the skin directly. To do this, it is always very important to find your ideal cleansers, because you will see that once you find them, you will never be able to skip this step again.

There are many types of rinse-off and leave-on cleansers. The former include soaps, gels, mousses, foams, creams, oils, balms and physical exfoliators. Their use requires rinsing with lukewarm water that does not damage the skin. Among the no-rinse cleansers we find micellar waters, cleansing milks, lotions and we can also include here specific eye cleansers.

The condition of your skin and its characteristics will determine which cleanser is best suited to you and since skins are very grateful when properly cared for, the feeling that the right cleanser will leave on your skin is sure to help you choose it. In other words, if your current cleanser doesn’t suit you, it’s probably because it doesn’t match your skin’s current characteristics.

Remember that the best care you can give your skin is the one you actually do, so adapting the products in your routine to its characteristics is essential to improve its condition and ensure its perfect maintenance.


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