Does sugar affect my skin aging?

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Surely it is not the first time you relate the importance of a healthy diet with the appearance of your skin. And is that the nutrients we incorporate in the diet have much to do and can become one of the most powerful tools at our disposal And you know what the trick is? Maintaining a balanced diet.

What is clear is that if what we apply on the surface of the skin has a noticeable effect on it, how much more so will the nutrients we ingest. This does not mean that they are immediately responsible for a pimple or a blemish, but they are a fundamental part in maintaining the health of the whole body and therefore, the health of the skin.

So if what you were expecting to read in this article is that gluten, lactose, chocolate or sausages are foods that you should avoid or even exclude from your diet when you are looking for beautiful skin, the truth is that it is not so. The message we want to convey today is that balance is the key for your diet to provide benefits to your skin and, as with cosmetics, with food we seek to incorporate elements that maintain the integrity of the skin and help it defend itself against aging. Thus, the fatty acids in fish, proteins, or antioxidants present in fruits, vegetables and specific foods such as olive oil, tea or cocoa play an important role in the evolution and maintenance of the skin.

However, there is a group of foods to which special attention should be paid with regard to skin aging. It is increasingly clear that an excess of simple carbohydrates (or what is the same, the exaggerated intake of sugars) has a harmful effect on skin aging, as it is responsible for a series of processes that damage collagen and elastin promoting changes in texture and the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, a process that we know as advanced glycation or if you like puns, its acronym in English: AGE.

Fortunately, to avoid this type of aging we propose two ways that will certainly help you (especially if this February 14 you expect to enjoy a box of chocolates). The first is to make an effort with your diet and maintain a balanced diet without excesses. The second is to enter our website and tell us about your diet. Our personalized creams will be specifically formulated with different antioxidants to prevent aging caused by those extra sweets that if you feel like it, you can afford.


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